Mahwash Ali


Category Manager  – Mahwash is a subject matter expert in non-IT spend categories.

Over the last 13 years she has created between 25%-50% savings for clients by re-negotiating multi year contracts for Law Firms in the USA, UK and Australia.

Monitoring & Tracking – Mahwash is also a subject matter expert in managing and delivering the Monitoring & Tracking Service. She has saved companies on average between 3%-5% of their recurring monthly spend, helping them buy better, consistently. She is passionate about preventing the practice of bait-and-switch, and works hard with suppliers to deliver on their promises and agreed-to “rate card pricing”. 

Expense Management — Mahwash has supported customer led initiatives to streamline payment processing. She has pioneered a “pre-invoice” approval process with all her stakeholders so invoice details can be reviewed before being issued to the customer. This pre invoice process has led to happy customers and faster payment. Her payment collection rate is averaging 97% within agreed payment terms.

Mahwash is a subject matter expert in developing and managing Supplier Data Management (SDM) Repositories for customers.

More About Mahwash

Internationally experienced, Senior Procurement Consultant.

Areas of Expertise

Monitoring & Tracking, Spend Analytics, Contract Compliance, Contract Management.


Mahwash has worked on Global Projects delivering multi-million dollar savings to customers in the UK, US and Australia, and is consistently respected by customer stakeholders as the most valuable individual in her field.


Mahwash holds a Bachelors of Biomedical Sciences degree from University College London (UCL). and a Teaching Certificate for English as a Second Language from Uxbridge College, UK.

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